General Rules and Guidelines

  1. ID
    • Please be sure to bring in a government issued photo ID as required by the test that you will be taking. Depending on the test, they require you to bring different types of ID.
  2. Cell Phone / Electronic Device Usage
    • Please make all phone calls before testing outside the building and keep volume to a minimum because testing may be in progress. All cell phone usage is prohibited within the building. Please either turn phones or devices OFF or on SILENT. If possible please leave cell phones in the car before coming in.
  3. Noise
    • Once entering the building please keep all voice volume and noise to a minimum because testing will be in progress. Please be considerate of other test takers.
  4. Beverages
    • All beverages, including water, must be finished or thrown away. If you are thirst in the middle of the test and need a drink of water, please raise your hand or ring the bell to be attended to. This is for the safety and longevity of the computers that are being used.